Dr. Jack L. Arnold
earned a doctorate of systematic theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966 and founded Equipping Pastors International in 1997 before his extraordinary death in 2005. For forty years, he pastored churches and meticulously researched and prepared sermons and teaching lessons each week on every imaginable topic. They are now digitized for ClearTheology.com, comprising over 60 series and curricula—and more than 1200 individual sermons and lessons.

These works are copyrighted but are free to download, quote, copy and distribute for non-profit purposes. Proper attribution of authorship should be given to Dr. Jack L. Arnold.

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"When I go to heaven..." were Jack Arnold's last words before dying instantly in the pulpit from a heart attack. The extraordinary event made international headlines... (more)

Acceptable Worship
Biblical Evangelism
Biblical Giving
Biblical Suffering
Christian Family
Christian Marriage
Church History
Church Polity
Death and After
Doctrine of Prayer
Eschatological Systems
Experiencing the Holy Spirit
Extent of the Atonement
Frequently Asked Questions
Great Words About Salvation
How to Live the Christian Life
Questionable Practices
Reformation Men and Theology
The Pastor - His Personal and Professional Life
The Person of God
Theology Proper
Why I Believe


  1. Introduction

  2. The Key to Scripture

    Genesis 1:1

  3. The Gap Theory

    Genesis 1:1-31

  4. Time Theories

    Genesis 1:1-31

  5. Day-Age Theory

    Genesis 1:1-31

  6. Evolutionary Theory

    Genesis 1:1-31

  7. The Evolutionary Theory (Age of the Earth)

    Genesis 1:1-31

  8. The Apparent Age Theory (Part 1)

    Genesis 1:1-31

  9. The Apparent Age Theory (Part 2)

    Genesis 1:1-31

  10. The First Four Days Of Creation

  11. The Creation Of Animal Life

    Genesis 1:20-26

  12. The Creation Of Man

    Genesis 1:26-31

  13. The Evolutionary View of Man

    Genesis 1:26-31

  14. Are Adam And Eve For Real?

    Genesis 2:1-4

  15. The First Man

    Genesis 2:5-25

  16. The Origin and Fact of the First Human Sin

    Genesis 3:1-6

  17. Why Did God Permit Sin?

    Genesis 3:6

  18. The Way Back To God

    Genesis 3:7-15

  19. The Consequences Of The Fall

    Genesis 3:16-24

  20. Cain And Abel

    Genesis 4:1-15

  21. The Godly and Ungodly Lines

    Genesis 4:16-26

  22. Adams Book

    Genesis 5:1-27

  23. Who Are the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men?

    Genesis 6:1-4

  24. Preparations For The Flood

    Genesis 6:5-22

  25. The Flood

    Genesis 7:1-8:19

  26. The New Beginning

    Genesis 8:20-9:17

  27. The Curse On Canaan

    Genesis 9:18-29

  28. The Table Of Nations

    Genesis 10:1-31

  29. The Tower Of Babel

    Genesis 11:1-9

  30. The Abrahamic Covenant

    Genesis 11:10-12:20

  31. Separation To The Covenant

    Genesis 13:1-18

  32. Separation To The Covenant (Continued)

    Genesis 14:1-24

  33. Ratification of the Covenant

    Genesis 15:1-21

  34. Failure to Trust the God of the Covenant

    Genesis 16:1-16

  35. The Symbol of the Covenant

    Genesis 17:1-27

  36. Belief And Unbelief Within The Covenant

    Genesis 18:1-19:38

  37. Gods Faithfulness to the Covenant

    Genesis 20:1-21:34

  38. Testings Within the Covenant

    Genesis 22:1-23:20

  39. Isaac Marries Rebekah

    Genesis 24:1-67

  40. Isaac Receives A Son

    Genesis 25:1-34

  41. Isaacs Life And Jacobs Lie

    Genesis 26:1-27:46

  42. Jacob Goes To the School of Hard Knocks

    Genesis 28:1-30:43

  43. Jacob Meets God

    Genesis 31:1-32:32

  44. Jacobs Experience after Peniel

    Genesis 33:1-36:43

  45. Josephs Early Life

    Genesis 37:1-38:30

  46. Joseph Prepared To Do Gods Work

    Genesis 39:1-40:23

  47. Joseph Rises to Power

    Genesis 41:1-57

  48. Joseph: Man of Caution and Compassion

    Genesis 42:1-43:34

  49. Joseph: Man of Wisdom and of God

    Genesis 44:1-45:28

  50. Joseph Preserves Israel

    Genesis 46:1-48:22

  51. Joseph: Man of Faith

    Genesis 49:1-50:26

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