Dr. Jack L. Arnold
earned a doctorate of systematic theology from Dallas Theological Seminary in 1966 and founded Equipping Pastors International in 1997 before his extraordinary death in 2005. For forty years, he pastored churches and meticulously researched and prepared sermons and teaching lessons each week on every imaginable topic. They are now digitized for ClearTheology.com, comprising over 60 series and curricula—and more than 1200 individual sermons and lessons.

These works are copyrighted but are free to download, quote, copy and distribute for non-profit purposes. Proper attribution of authorship should be given to Dr. Jack L. Arnold.

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"When I go to heaven..." were Jack Arnold's last words before dying instantly in the pulpit from a heart attack. The extraordinary event made international headlines... (more)

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  1. Book One, Volume Two (of the Gospel of Luke)

    Introduction to Acts

  2. The First Forty Days

    Acts 1:2-8

  3. Ten Days until Zero Hour

    Acts 1:9-26

  4. The Day of Pentecost

    Acts 2:1-13

  5. The Explanation Of The Pentecostal Phenomena

    Acts 2:14-21

  6. Jesus Is Lord And Christ

    Acts 2:22-39

  7. The First Christian Church Of Jerusalem

    Acts 2:38-47

  8. The Healing Of The Lame Man

    Acts 3:1-11

  9. Peter's Second Christian Sermon

    Acts 3:12-26

  10. The First Persecution

    Acts 4:1-12

  11. How To Cope With Persecution

    Acts 4:13-31

  12. Power Gained and Power Lost

    Acts 4:32-5:6

  13. Power Lost and Power Gained

    Acts 5:7-16

  14. The Second Persecution

    Acts 5:17-42

  15. The First Dissension

    Acts 6:1-7

  16. Stephen, The Man

    Acts 6:8-15

  17. Stephen, The Messenger

    Acts 7:1-53

  18. Stephen, The Martyr

    Acts 7:54-8:1

  19. Philip and Saul

    Acts 8:1b-8

  20. Philip and Simon Magus

    Acts 8:9-25

  21. Philip and the Eunuch

    Acts 8:26-40

  22. The Conversion of Saul of Tarsus

    Acts 9:1-9

  23. Paul, the New Creature

    Acts 9:10-31

  24. The Miracle Worker

    Acts 9:32-43

  25. The Seeking Sinner and the Bigoted Believer

    Acts 10:1-23a

  26. He Is Lord of All

    Acts l0:23b-48

  27. How to Deal with Prejudiced Christians

    Acts 11:1-18

  28. The Making of a Biblical Local Church

    Acts 11:19-30

  29. Supernaturalism and the Church

    Acts 12:1-25

  30. The First Official Missionaries

    Acts 13:1-3

  31. The Blessings, Burdens and Blunders of Missionaries

    Acts 13:4-13

  32. Paul's First Recorded Sermon

    Acts 13:14-41

  33. Eternal Life: Of God or Man?

    Acts 13:42-52

  34. Patterns in Evangelism

    Acts 14:1-20

  35. A Real Local Church

    Acts 14:21-28

  36. The Jerusalem Council - Doctrine

    Acts 15:1-12

  37. The Jerusalem Council - Practice

    Acts 15:13-35

  38. The Second Missionary Journey

    Acts 15:36 - 16:10

  39. The Liberated Lady

    Acts 16:11-15

  40. Salvation Comes to Philippi

    Acts 16:16-40

  41. Ideal Evangelism

    Acts 17: 1-15

  42. Paul and the Philosophers

    Acts 17:16-34

  43. Paul Meets the Corrupt of Corinth

    Acts 18:1-17

  44. A Halfway Christian

    Acts 18:18-28

  45. Saved, but Lacking

    Acts 19:1-7

  46. Assaulting the Kingdom of Darkness

    Acts 19:8-20

  47. Christ Changes Culture

    Acts 19:21-41

  48. New Testament Practices

    Acts 20:1-12

  49. The First Pastors' Conference

    Acts 20:13-27

  50. Concerns of a Shepherd

    Acts 20:28-38

  51. The Will of God

    Acts 21:1-14

  52. The Will of God in Concession

    Acts 21:15-26

  53. The Power in a Personal Testimony

    Acts 21:27-22:29

  54. The Providence of God

    Acts 22:30-23:35

  55. Paul on Trial Before Felix

    Acts 24:1-27

  56. Paul Before Festus

    Acts 25:1-27; 26:24, 25

  57. Paul Before Agrippa

    Acts 26:1-32

  58. Shipwrecked

    Acts 27:1-44

  59. The End Which Never Ends

    Acts 28:1-31

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